Ways to Get Involved

Nursery 0-3

Our nurseries provide space for our youngest worshipers to gather, nurture relationships and begin to experience a sense of safe and familiar. During this time our volunteers become the voice, face and hands of the loving and gentle Creator.  

Early Childhood 3-K

Our early childhood ministry provides a place for our energetic little ones to play and begin to learn the patterns and traditions of Church. During this time our volunteers will play, learn and grow alongside these littles and experience Jesus through their eyes. 

Elementary Worship 1-6

Our Elementary Worship provides a space for elementary age students to continue to grow in the rhythms of the church. Our volunteers come alongside our young worshipers and teach them what the postures of worship and prayer look like, and being there to help them learn other rhythms of the church. 

If you are interested in Serving with our youngest worshippers please send me an email below!

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